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Why Should You Watch Croupier?



Spending a night at home watching a movie is a favourite pastime among the majority of us. Another highly ranked way of relaxing is to visit a casino. Many of us, especially the average punter, love a good casino-themed movie as it just adds that little extra to a good movie. Among the many movies with a casino or gambling theme is Croupier.

What is Croupier About?

Released in 1998, this British neo-noir explores the life of a writer who chooses to work as a part-time croupier to make ends meet. By spinning roulette tables at night, he makes a few friends and ends up as an accomplice in a casino robbery. At first, it appears as though the theft was a failure.

He later learned that it had only been staged to appear that way. After that, he continues to lead a straightforward life despite having published a best-selling novel. You might find yourself compelled to check out Rainbow Spins Casino after reading about a few gambling movies in this article. You do not need to take time off to visit this convenient online casino, though.

Gambling Movies

Choosing what movie to watch can be compared to gambling. You never know if you’ll feel like you’ve gained something of value afterwards. You might end up feeling like you wasted precious time and money if you watch from a cinema. The following five are certainly among some of the top winners if you are in the mood for gambling-related movies.

Oceans 11

Based on the 1960 heist film, the 2001 release takes us through Vegas with some poker and a few slot machines. All the while trying to (with great success) rob three casinos. Talk about gambling with a touch of comedy. Ranked as the fifth highest-grossing film of 2001, it carried on releasing two more sequels, Oceans 12 and Oceans 13.

Ref: LMK110-J5798-151119 Supplied by LMKMEDIA.

Uncut Gems

The 2019 American crime-thriller is directed by Josh and Bennie Safdie and stars Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield, and Julia Fox, to name a few. It tells a story of a Jewish-American jeweller who’s also a gambling addict in New York City’s Diamond District. In a desperate attempt to save himself from a hefty casino bill, he tries to retrieve and sell a black opal mined from Ethiopia.

Wake in Fright

A 1971 gambling classic that isn’t as popular as it should be. Wake in Fright is a tale about an Australian school teacher who ends up in a small town that is going through a drought but has beers flowing right through. His luck worsens after he gambles all his money away.

California Split

This star-studded classic is based on a 1974 American comedy-drama and features Gwen Welles, Jeff Goldblum, and Ann Prentis. Charlie Waters, played by Elliott Gould, is a serial gambling addict who will bet on his own limbs if he has to. His gambling partner is Bill Denny, George Segal, whose personality opposes his partner’ entirely.

Why Should you Watch Croupier?

Croupier has an amazing script and a great cast that act their roles perfectly and delivers a believable experience to the viewer.  If you enjoy casino-themed movies, then Croupier is one of those that deserves a watch.

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