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What’s The Worst Film You Have Ever Seen?



So I decided to make this questioning the team business a regular feature. 
And where do you go from last week’s question, What is your favourite film?
Naturally it has to be..

What film do you hate the most?

The one film that you hate with a fiery passion. The worst movie experience you have ever endured. The one film that envokes an Incredible Hulk-like rage whenever it is mentioned.


Lewis Filer

Attack the Block

HATE! HATE! HATE! THIS FILM! This film is by far the worst film i have ever seen and to me, the worst film to have ever been released. A group of nasty teenage thugs who speak a strange dialect of English that no one is capable of understanding, are thrown into a battle against a bunch of stupid toothy fluffy aliens. In the first five minutes we see our main characters mug a poor defenceless woman and we are meant to like these people? Excuse my french but what a load of shit. I spent the entire time hoping that they’d all get killed off in the most brutal ways possible. Horrendous film. The idea was there but with unlikable characters like those vile little bastards that we were presented with ruining the film, it takes the title of the worst film i have ever seen.


Richard O’Toole 

Just Married

Film-making-wise it is awful. I watched it once to watch it, obviously. Then a second time to just stare at how bad it is. Yes the film occasionally made me smile, but I can’t forgive seeing a boom microphone IN SHOT several times through out the film. Awful and lazy.


Zach Evans


Skipped class to watch this film with my mate. I now value my education a lot more. Sure Kevin James is in it, but still, Grandma farting jokes? Repeated throughout the film? I left feeling numb. The children? Don’t get me started. If I had a gun I would shoot the screen or if push comes to shove; myself. Before this film I liked Adam Sandler. Now? He’s dead to me… RANT OVER!


Liam Griffiths

Sucker Punch 

The whole film feels like the seedy, pandering, drug-induced coma-dream of a horny 13year old Dungeons & Dragons player. Despite my low expectations going in, it actually managed to make less sense than I ever thought possible, with its barely disguised lack of narrative and forced ‘subtext’ of sexism and prostitution. It’s certainly nice to look at, but it’s thoroughly mind numbing to watch – like having a Kaleidoscopic lobotomy.


Ben Harris 

Shark Night

This dire film takes itself way too seriously. Every scenario is excruciatingly frustrating and you end up cheering for these fake fish to get on chewing. Lackluster director, wooden performances and cartoonish special effects result in this film being a complete mess!


Ross Goddard 

GI Joe

Worst £8 i have ever spent going to the cinema. Poor lead actor in Channing Tatum. Should of slept through it.


Angharad Jones

Synecdoche, New York

At first it may seem an odd choice for worst film. There are worse films than this- but those films seem to already be getting their just deserts from the other members of the team (well done team). So I thought I’d dissect this film, as it made me feel so disappointed and generally confused. Some said Inception’s plot was too involved for the general viewing public to follow and enjoy. Those people haven’t seen Synecdoche, New York. The general point of the plot itself isn’t undecipherable, but the way it’s edited to flit from one point in time to another left me feeling bewildered and annoyed. It’s a highly intellectual film with poignant scenes. It’s just been made in the wrong way. Sacrificing clarity and comprehensiveness to be pretentiously intellectual and ‘arthouse’ does not a good film make. There has to be a balance. Synecdoche, New York tipped the scales in the wrong way for me.


Darryl Griffiths


It’s a godawful mess from start to finish that somehow surpassed Batman and Robin for pure comicbook abominations! It has such a camp tone it makes you nauseous and goes completely against the original interpretation of the character. Plus the plot in general.. Halle Berry fights Sharon Stone the evil beautician!? Sounds like an extremely bad choice for a James Bond villain, but instead creeps into another film! I can only pray Anne Hathaway’s TDKR version is a welcome return to form.. A DISASTER!!


Mark Hester

Fat Pizza

I really had trouble with this one to be honest as worst film/films I hate are arguably as debatable best film/favourite film. Die Hard and Inception are my two favourites and whilst pioneering and truly epic in their genres, I would have t…o say The Godfather is the best film of all time. However, I digress. After resisting the urge to say the entire Harry Potter collective, The Fantastic Four/many other terrible superhero films and the terrible Epic/Disaster/Date Movie series, I’ve gone for little-known Australian flick Fat Pizza. A friend made me sit through this grossly unfunny, absurd and frankly disgusting film and I’ve regretted it to this day ever since. It’s so ludicrously over-the-top with stupidity and ignorance that even Homer Simpson would struggle to find laughs in it. The technical efforts are terrible, the acting and screenplay even worse. There is not one single redeeming quality aside from the fact that eventually, it does end. 


Luke Walkley

Open Water

A couple spend two hours swimming around after being ‘forgotten’ by the boat trip they were on. One shark attack an hour in, combined with the fact that either one or both of the couple were asleep at most points during the film, made for perhaps the most boring two hours of my life. If that wasn’t enough, the only two people that knew about all this happening were the couple, who die, yet the film is still based on a true story. Thanks Open Water, what you are essentially saying is that two people fell off a boat once and we made up what happened. Well, if we’re doing that , I fell off a boat once but a unicorn swooped down and saved me, but no one saw me fall and knows what happened but we ran away to the moon together…true story


William McAbee

The Last Airbender

One of the biggest worries of film is expectations because they can make or break a film.Here is where expectations broke a film. A beloved anime series that I loved was finally going to the big screen and I couldn’t wait. Unfortunately The Last Airbender was missing some important factors that make a good movie liks script, character development, and logic.

Every aspect of this film is terrible and its hard to watch. The acting is atrocious and the dialogue will makes your brain dissolve. The direction is awful and worst of all it had a good story to work with. A travesty of a film and the final nail in the coffin for M Night Shyamalan.

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