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What Is The Most Disturbing Film You Have Ever Seen?



This week i asked the team what film they found to be the most disturbing film they have ever seen. As usual we have a wide spectrum of movies in the answers that range from dramas to horrors and to what could be conisdered torture porn.

Lewis Filer

Never Let Me Go

I could go with The Human Centipede 2, Antichrist or even A Serbian Film. But none of those made me feel the way this film left me feeling. I went into Never Let Me Go not quite sure what to expect from it. I had heard that it was brilliant but i hadn’t heard of it’s sinister and disturbing nature. The story follows three friends, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan who have known each other pretty much all their lives. During school they discover that they were born and raised so that their organs can be cut out and taken from them one by one until they died to give to other people. What the hell?! I thought this film was going to be a Twilight style love triangle but actually good. It made me feel sick. The deterioration of Keira Knightleys character as she had many organs removed was disturbing, the characters knowing that they were going to be hacked up until they were dead and still being fine with it was disturbing. The whole idea of the film was disturbing. I felt so disturbed and depressed after it that i had to watch How To Train Your Dragon to make me even remotely happy again.


Wiliam McAbee


When I think disturbing I think it is easy to look at films like Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom, Cannibal Holocaust, and Human Centipede and give them the title. Its understandable because their content truly is horrifying and hard to watch. Though if I had to choose a film that disturbed me the most I would undoubtably have to go with Dogville from Lars Von Trier.
A film unlike any other I had seen, pushed me to my limits emotionally and as a human being. I was shocked by the story and it completely took me away. What started out as an interesting character study slowly turns dark and shows us the evil side of men’s desires. It was hard to watch and I even had to pause the movie and walk around to take a breather. Still the movie sticks with you after viewing. The repeated horrific acts against Nicole Kidman and the realization of the disturbing things humanity can do pushed me to my limits. Great filmmaking and insanely original, but still a film that will always shake me at my core.


Ben Harris


The film has its flaws but the most disturbing aspect of this film is its realism. A viral outbreak on a big scale like this is a terrifying and believable prospect. It’s an effective and smart story, which will make you think twice about touching your surroundings. In theory this could happen.


Zach Evans


Everybody needs to see this film. Sure there’s no English, and yeah, it’s one of those “European” films which set the standard stereotype out there for that, but hell, it’s f***** up. The story takes place over 3 (or 4) generations of family. Each family member has their own messed up life, from a WWI general of some sorts, to a professional eating champion, to an anorexic taxidermist. The artistic style in this films is simply gorgeous, but don’t become to transfixed by what your eyes perceive for the first time on screen. Just wait for what it really is. If so far that isn’t enough to entice you to watch this epic, there’s perverted nonsense, scenes of constant puking, a guy having sex with a pig corpse and death by cats. Serbian Film? Kiss my ass.


Liam Griffiths

Guinea Pig

The most disturbing films I’ve ever seen are the Japanese ‘Guinea Pig’ series. They deal with taboos and horror with an insane, gory style, and every single one of them is an exercise in endurance. The highlights of the series have to be ‘Mermaid In a Manhole’ and ‘Flower of Flesh & Blood’. They are incredibly hard to find, but if you like to test your limits they are essential viewing.


Ross Goddard

United 93

United 93 affected me a bit. For obvious reasons. It was tough to watch because it was based on real events of one of the planes which was hijacked on 9/11, good film, but could never watch again.


Darryl Griffiths


Antichrist.. Talking foxes and a horrific scene involving Willem Dafoe and his ‘business’. SCARRED. FOR. LIFE.


Richard O’Toole

The Passion of the Christ

Amongst a lot of torture and horror, it has to be when Jesus was being whipped that tipped me over the edge. It felt too real, and you could hear and see skin being ripped off. Horrendous.


Mark Hester

Silence of the Lambs

Watching Silence of the Lambs a few years ago really got me. Anthony Hopkins is simply terrifying as Dr. Hannibal Lector, I don’t remember any other villain being nearly as menacing as him. As charismatic and charming as a quintessential gent at times, one look, wicked smile or spine-chilling lip-quiver and he had me paralysed.

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