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Western ‘Bald Knobber’ Gets April Release



Random Media is releasing the historical western film ‘BALD KNOBBER’, based on a true story and starring Mel Barber, Angelina Sauber, Keith Thurman, Dakota Jones and Michael Freeman, on-demand and on all digital platforms on April 2nd, 2019.

Bald Knobber Official Poster

Directed by Michael Dennis Johnson, ‘BALD KNOBBER’ tells the true story of events that took place in Taney and Christian County Missouri, a devastated area characterized by a failing economy, high taxes, lawlessness, disorder, and a general breakdown of society, after the American Civil War. A man by the name of Nathanial Kinney (Mel Barber), who had fought in the war as a soldier for the north as a private in General Grant’s army, moved to Taney County, Missouri in 1883. He soon found conditions in Taney County to be one of lawlessness and under renegade and bushwhacker rule. Kinney called together twelve of the county’s leaders who met in secret, forming a committee to fight the lawlessness and elect officials who would enforce the law. The group became known as the Bald Knobbers, because of the open clearing on top of some of the mountains (called bald knobs) where the group would hold secret meetings. The nation’s newspapers published stories about the bloody war in Missouri and the Bald Knobbers were described as the nation’s largest and fiercest vigilante movement

Official Trailer:

This film tells the story of, not just about the reign of terror of the era, but the story of the people who lived, suffered, loved and survived. Not a single suspect was convicted with over 40 murders in the years after the war. It is the story of very difficult times in the Ozark region of southwest Missouri from 1883 to 1889.

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