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Warner Bros. Developing A TV Series For Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman



With rumours filtering through the grapevine that Henry Cavill’s time as the last son of Krypton is over, the question as to what Warner Bros. was set to do with the man of steel next was a pertinent one. Well, now it appears that the studio are set to further develop Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin’s version of the character, with a brand-new Superman television show.

Hoechlin’s Superman, who made his first appearance on season two of the CW’s Melissa Benoist-fronted Supergirl series, has been ubiquitously praised since his debut; many critics citing the actor’s portrayal of the man of tomorrow as being the truest incarnation since the late, great Christopher Reeve. He’s since made four appearances in Supergirl, and is set to make an appearance in the forthcoming Elseworlds crossover between three of the CW’s four current DC shows; Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.

Elseworlds, taking its name from the classic alternate-universe format popularised in print by DC Comics, will act as a backdoor pilot for Ruby Rose’s Batwoman show (which is set to join the continuity next year) and we’re now hearing that it will also double as a springboard for Superman. We’d already had confirmation that Grimm’s Elizabeth Tulloch (inset) was set to appear as Lois Lane, and that the show was to introduce a black-suited version of Hoechlin’s Superman, with those confirmations further adding fuel to the fire that the CW has more planned for the man of steel.

Furthermore, with fan-favourite actors Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson / Deathstroke), and Michael Rowe (Floyd Lawton / Deadshot) seeing their TV characters diminished or killed following the big-screen debuts of the same villains, it’s clear Warner Bros. wish to only have one version of a comic book character at any given time – considering that Cavill seems to be moving on to The Witcher over on Netflix, the evidence seems fairly compelling then that we’re due to believe a man can fly on the small screen once more.

Tyler Hoechlin can next be seen as Clark Kent in episode nine of The Flash’s fifth season, due to air on the 9th of December.

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