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Visit the World’s First Gynecological Cinema



Experience the Gynecological Cinema Chair
– the Follow Up to The World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema

See famous men in power, like Swedish hockey legend Börje Salming, offered to undergo gynecological exams in an interactive film experience by artist and filmmaker Anna Odell. But to see this, you have to get up into the chair yourself.

Göteborg Film Festival presents The Gynecological Cinema Chair as a part of this years focus on equality and feminism. The whole experience is interactive, open for anyone who gets their hands on a ticket, and during the screening you yourself will have to make a bold choice if you want to see the whole story fold out. We dare promise that no similar experience has ever taken place at any other film festival.

“You get up in the chair voluntarily, but I dare say that no one feels comfortable in it. It is also a chair that is used exclusively for examining women, which perhaps makes it even more suitable for the project. On the other hand, I think the position is quite familiar to many men. They often sit with their legs spread widely, taking up a lot of space. The position in a gynecological chair is basically the same, you just tilt it backwards”, artist Anna Odell says.

Welcome to The Gynecological Cinema Chair at Göteborg Film Festival
25 January – 2 February
Tickets available from January 11

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