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Up Close with Oliviia Tcargush



Movie Marker Magazine went up close with Abkhazian-Georgian actress Oliviia Tcargush to reflect on her starring role in the highly popular TV show ‘Yeralash’ and life as a child star in Russia.

Welcome to Movie Marker Oliviia! Tell us a little about yourself.

Thank you! I am Oliviia originally from Moscow. I am a mix of Abkhazian and Georgian heritage, where we are known for our passionate nature. The combination of Moscow’s practicality and the lively Abkhazian and Georgian traditions has influenced my love for storytelling that you see today.

What are some of your early acting experiences?

My first acting gig was in Moscow when I was 11 years old in the popular TV series, ‘Yeralash.’ The show is about children’s lives and the fun daily situations they encounter along the way. One of the episodes featured the distinguished Russian actress Olga Kuzmina as the teacher, where I portray a student who engages in playful gossip about a new student, humorously remarking on her bird-like attire and continuously analyzing her presence.

The plot thickens when the new girl candidly admits to arachnophobia, a fear of spiders. Seeking reassurance, she inquires with the teacher about the presence of any arachnids in the classroom, and we amusingly confirm there are none. However, an unexpected twist unfolds as the new student reveals she has a tarantula with her, prompting an uproar of reactions throughout the entire classroom.

Were you anything like your character?

I was 11 when we filmed it, and I definitely liked talking a lot as a little girl, haha. So, I guess I was a bit like my character. But at school, I always made sure new people felt comfortable and loved.

How did you prepare for the role?

It was my first TV project, and it’s still airing on the main channel. Surprisingly, I felt extremely comfortable and not nervous at all. I was thrilled to witness the behind-the-scenes process and see the magic happen. The only unexpected thing was realizing that it takes a whole day to film a 6-minute sketch, which was surprising to me. Since the TV series revolves around kids and their actions, it wasn’t difficult for me to step into my character. I just had fun, rehearsed my lines, played around until it felt right, and aimed to make the director happy. Being 11, it’s especially important to get approval from adults, especially when the adult is the director.

How did you get involved?

I auditioned and got the part! The audition process for the TV series was always super fun. It felt significant each time; my mom would dress me in the nicest outfit, with fluffy boots or sparkly pants. I would receive many compliments from adults, and we’d talk about it at home, believing the casting director would surely remember me because of my stylish outfit and book me for the part!

Can you tell us 3 fun facts about you?

So, before going out, I bake a bunch of cookies because when I come home, it’s my favorite after-party snack! Asie from Russian and English, I speak conversational French and Arabic – which is helpful in my acting career too, and lastly, I write letters to people whom I love.

Thank you, Oliviia! How can people keep up with you online? It’s best to check out my IMDb, Instagram, and my website is

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