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Up Close with Mercedes Blanche



Movie Marker Magazine got up close with social media star and actor, Mercedes Blanche to talk about her role in the highly popular Amazon Prime TV show, ‘The Boys’ and starring alongside Antony Starr, Karl Urban, Jensen Ackles, Erin Moriarty, and Jack Quaid. 

Congratulations on all your amazing work! Tell us about your role in ‘The Boys’

In ‘The Boys’ I played the role of X RAY. It was a fun experience, my first big acting gig actually. I got a face cast mask and everything (they molded my face for 3 hours for the mask) which was kind of fun. I also went through weeks of process for the costume.

What was the experience like?

I had so many scenes and the experience was incredible. Unfortunately, the director Eric Kripke mentioned in an interview before it aired that he had to cut a lot of scenes out. It was a little saddening because there were so many awesome scenes. At one point they had us flying on the walls, speaking with each other etc.

My character originally had a spicy conversation with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles). He was very charming during the scene, which would have made for a great love interest!

What were some of the filming challenges?

We filmed in the middle of summer, and the AC broke down in the trailers. It was very HOT!

Any fun behind the scenes stories?

We had a great time during all the scenes. At the end there was a huge explosion and they had to make the set look destroyed. It was fun breaking wood for decoration and spraying blood everywhere.

When you are not creating a viral TikTok or acting, what do you enjoy doing?

I really enjoy being with friends and family in my spare time. I know it sounds cliché, but I can really appreciate those moments since I am always on the go. Also, I love to try out different things. I recently signed up for painting classes. I think it’s good to find new hobbies all the time.

What can we expect to see you doing over the next few months?

I am making a movie in Toronto; Canada and the start date looks like the beginning of December and into January after the Holidays. I am excited as it will be submitted to TIFF. I have a bunch of auditions lined up in Los Angeles and I am staying busy with different events and my social media creator engagements!

Are you on social media?

Absolutely! I can be found on Instagram, X, TikTok and also on IMDB!

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