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Up Close with Brooke Turner



Movie Marker got Up Close with singer-songwriter, Brooke Turner to talk about her her transition from Pop to R&B and what her new vibe will sound like.

Tell us what you are currently up to with your music?

I took a little down time after my last EP release, “Wish I Could Forget You”, and I am about to head back into the studio to make some new hits. I decided that I wanted to take a step away from it all for a little bit to really evaluate how I am wanting to move forward with my artistry.

Tell us about “Wish I Could Forget You.”

“Wish I could forget you” was my step into EDM. The song did well, peaking at #4 on the UK Music Week, and had remixes made by many acclaimed DJ’s, so that was pretty cool! After dabbling in it for a while, I’ve decided that I want to dip my toes into the Pop/R&B world.

What inspired you to want to transition into R&B?

I recently started being a regular at a new studio that is quite hip-hop based. They suggested I try R&B actually, they said I’d probably like the singing style a little more, which I definitely did!

I love how it’s so melodically driven and has so much emotion driving it. I love the fact that you can really hear when someone puts their whole soul into their songs. I feel in this genre you truly have to just give your songs your all, it’s more about the feeling than the rules.

Who are your musical influences?

My influences span fairly wide. I would say I am definitely inspired by artists like the Beachboys with their lush harmonies, the Shirelle’s, or the Ronettes. I am also influenced by the likes of Aaliyah, SWV or Mariah Carey.

If you are rebranding your sound, are you also rebranding your image?

Absolutely! I feel that the two go very hand in hand. I am moving away from the beachier imagery and going towards a style that is inspired by old Hollywood glamour but in the lens of today. At the same time there are also aspects of a slightly whimsical elements of the 90’s as well. It’s almost as if you put the two times in a blender and the result is my current image!

Old Hollywood Glamour? What inspired that?

I’ve always loved how beautiful and well-crafted things were back then. Things were just made to last, in every regard really. Cars, toys, relationships, I feel there was such a different mindset back then compared to now. Nowadays, it seems things are so disposable in all aspects of life. I think it would have been so interesting to be alive to see those days when everything, especially technologically speaking, was so new and exciting. In my mind everything from that time has a very golden glow, but maybe that’s because it was all shot in film and that makes everything beautiful. My Grandma would also tell me the most majestic stories of those times.

Tell us a little about your grandma, are you too close?

My grandma and I have always been very close. Growing up she lived with us at my mum’s house, and I’d always have her tell me “real life stories” of her life. Honestly, I think hearing the way she told these stories really shaped the way that I tell mine. “Real life storytelling” has always been my favourite thing to do, either hearing people’s stories or getting to tell mine. It’s probably what really helped shape my songwriting, especially my lyrics. I always like to make sure that if you just read them on a page, you would be told a story. She also taught me how to make the best ever chocolate chip cookies.

When do you think we will be able to hear your new music, and how would we go about doing so?

I’m hoping towards the end of the year to release a new project. In the meanwhile, the best way to follow my journey would be on social media. My username is @iambrooketurner on all platforms.

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