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TWC & Miramax Announce 20 Year Partnership




That’s right folks, Weinsteins past and present are joining forces in a super deal over two decades. But don’t get too excited, it probably won’t lead to Oscar dominance.

Bob and Harvey Weinstein founded Miramax in 1979 and arguably pioneered a niche now called Indiewood – producing critically acclaimed films with Hollywood resources and indie credentials. With this winning formula Harvey Weinstein became known as the King of the Oscars, scooping Best Picture for Shakespeare in LoveThe English Patient and Chicago among others plus countless nominees (literally hundreds).

Miramax was welcomed into the Disney family back in 1993, with the Weinsteins still in charge, but parted ways with the company a few years ago (because how long were Weinstein and Disney going to get along anyway?). Harvey and Bob then founded The Weinstein Company, producing back to back Best Picture winners The King’s Speech and The Artist. Their Academy Awards success is unparalleled.

This new arrangement will reunite the Weinsteins with their old company in a deal that encompasses film, TV and stage. However Variety report that TWC are looking more at the Miramax back catalogue for sequels and spin offs of popular films. So you can stop getting excited because this looks like nothing but a cushy financial arrangement that will allow the Weinsteins to continue cashing in on their own films.

Perhaps the Good Will Hunting TV series will win a Golden Globe? It seems unlikely, but we know what can happen when Harv sets his sights on something.

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