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Turning Your Home into a Film Lover’s Paradise



How many times have you asked yourself, “Why don’t I build my own cinema at home?” but you haven’t really acted on it? Say goodbye to procrastinating and start planning. Here are a few tips about your perfect cinema house. Which, on top of that, can be energy-efficient.   

After a productive yet exhausting workday, you want to chill in front of the telly; however, there’s this outside noise coming into the room. “That’s it; I’m going to brick up the windows!” That’ll do, but there’s a more civilised solution—replace those windows with double-glazed ones! When fitted professionally, the two panes will dampen the sound waves, resulting in a considerable in-house noise reduction. And you won’t need to boost your sound system to the point of eardrum rupture anymore!

If you live in a house and have a flat roof, maybe it’s time to let the natural light come pouring in by installing one of these lantern roofs. Especially if you’re working or studying remotely, you’ll feel so much more relaxed when there’s constant natural light in your home. What about the evening? You sit on your sofa and look forward—there’s your favourite TV series. Then you look upward, and you see the stars. Wherever you turn, the view’s magnificent. And, interestingly, both double-glazed windows and lantern roofs lower your carbon footprint and your energy bills. They trap heat from nature and stockpile it for the winter and box in the rays in the summer, making your home cinema an even “cooler” place to be in.

Now’s the time for the question every home-cinema enthusiast has asked themselves. “Should I buy a new TV, should I keep my one, or should I buy a projector?” Well, it mostly depends on how big your place and pockets are. If you’ve never thought that your telecommunication medium is rickety, I guess you can leave it at that. If you’re still doubtful, here are some ideas. The recent piece-of-paper thin TVs can be mounted to the wall, and that will resemble an actual cinema screen. However, if you’re really going for authenticity, buying a projector is the only way to go. But be careful; some of the expensive ones are pretty noisy and emit heat. And we don’t want to neutralise what we’ve already achieved with double-glazing!

You think you’re good to go, right? Sound, environment, screen—all taken care of! How about the dozen cables scattered around your floor? I don’t want you to trip on one of those when you’re getting your microwave popcorn out. Before you start renovating, it’s a good idea to plan where everything’s going to be. And that concerns the cables too. They should be both easily accessible—it’s technology, it might need repair one day—and shouldn’t distract you from enjoying your paradisal home cinema. It’s advisable to ask an electrician before you buy all that high-end screening technology. Thereafter, you’ll be sitting comfortably, smiling at the moving images, hearing nothing but the audio, sure that your arena is safe and sound.

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