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Tron Legacy



Released: December 17th 2010 (UK)

Directed By: Joseph Kosinski

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde

Certificate: 12A (UK)
Reviewed By: Samuel Cole

The wonder of many Tron fanatics is why it took Disney 26 years to make a sequel to the original Tron film. This is an answer they may never get, but still this did not stop the fanatics from loving this film. Tron: Legacy was finally released in December 2010 after years of speculation fans finally had what they wanted. Joseph Kosinski directed this film, and stars Jeff Bridges who returns as Kevin Flynn, his son Sam Flynn is played by Garrett Hedlund.

After the disappearance of his father when he was still a young boy, TRON: Legacy is centred around Sam Flynn’s search for his long lost father. This journey takes him to the virtual world known as ‘The grid’. Here Sam must face light cycle battles and disc battles as he searches through this dangerous virtual world in the hope of bringing his father Kevin home.

Now many people may believe that there is not too much too this film however there are many aspects that perhaps many people never pick up on. TRON: Legacy is built around many smaller aspects rather than just the acting or the storyline to the film.
Perhaps the most significant aspect of this film is the special effects. This film was billed as the 3D event of 2010. A bill that is thoroughly lived up to, the effects of this film are truly spectacular. The stroke of genius in this comes from the CGI image of Kevin Flynn. The CGI image is of a young Flynn ( from the original 1982 TRON film) the image of Jeff Bridges is just incredible. When we are first introduced to the character of Clu it is almost impossible to note that it is in fact a CGI image of a younger Jeff Bridges.   This is a comparison of the two characters. On the left we have the image of Bridges as the older Flynn, whilst on the right we have the CGI image of Bridges as the character of Clu.

However enough about the effects for now time for some more on the film. Bridges returns in the sequel, as does Bruce Boxleitner who plays the character of Alan Bradley. However despite the outrage and outcry of the fans Cindy Morgan who plays Lora, she does not make a return to the film despite there even being a Facebook page made to campaign for her to be in the sequel she was not included in the film.

The protagonist Sam Flynn is played by Garrett Hedlund, journeys into the grid after receiving a page from his father. On arrival he is thrust into the games in which he must battle other programmes with just one rule ‘survive’. During a light cycle battle he is rescued by Quorra (Olivia Wilde). After he is safe she takes Sam to see his father. It is only here that Sam learns the truth of his father’s whereabouts for all these years and just why he has not been able to return home.

Once learning of the plans Clu, to bring the grid into the real world, Sam, Kevin and Quorra embark on a quest to stop Clu and return Sam and Kevin back to earth before the portal shuts for good. This journey takes them back to the dangerous world of the grid and eventually into a battle with Clu, but what will happen? Will Clu manage to succeed and bring the grid into our world? Or can Father/Son duo Sam and Kevin Flynn manage to escape the grasp of Clu and return to earth and go back to run Encom? All will be revealed once you watch TRON: Legacy!

I think that the soundtrack also deserves a mention when reviewing this film. Not only does this film have some amazing special effects but a mention must go to the incredible soundtrack of the film. The soundtrack to the film is done by French Duo Daft Punk. The duo are massive fans of the original and the director Joseph Kosinski and the music supervisor Jason Bentley both were very keen for Daft Punk to work on the soundtrack. The soundtrack was released as its own CD there was a two disc special edition was released with bonus tracks for itunes and Nokia and Amazon. Within the nightclub scene in TRON: Legacy, Daft Punk appear as the DJ’s in the club playing the film’s most famous track ‘Derezzed’.

In conclusion I feel that Tron: Legacy is well worth a watch. Even if you have not seen the original you will still get the same enjoyment out of the film as the fanatics of this franchise. It has everything you need in a film a gripping plot and amazing special effects that will keep you amazed from start to finish, I would recommend watching this film in 3D where possible to maximise your viewing pleasure from TRON: Legacy.

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