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Top Tips for Decorating Your House for an Upcoming Celebration



Are you looking for ways to celebrate the perfect party night in for your movie-loving partner-in-crime? We have provided some useful and effective tips and tricks below in order to have a glamorous and fun-filled night which would provide that ‘Night at the Oscars’ experience for that perfect upcoming celebration.

No celebration would be complete without the correct décor to match…would it? Below are some ideas you could use to bring your party to life and give it a bit of extra charm, giving your guests stars in their eyes and something to talk about!

Red carpet

As we all know, the red carpet is the staple of every awards ceremony or movie premier. Whether it’s leading into your abode via the driveway or used throughout your house, a red carpet would provide an excellent party prop to help set the scene of the party and provide the perfect paparazzi photo-op for all of your guests. With the option to DIY or hire one out, there’s plenty of opportunity to put your own spin on the idea as well, maybe trying unconditional colours or even adding a bit of sparkle!

Movie night – projector and screen

No film premier or red carpet event is complete without a big screen! Whether you hang a bed sheet or just use the wall in your living room as a screen, your guests will be wowed at the thought of having a one-of-a-kind experience such as their favourite movie on the big screen! To go all out, there is always the option of buying in Ice Cream, Pic’n’Mix or Popcorn to hand out to your guests in order to provide that ultimate movie-night experience

Popcorn Machine

Who doesn’t like popcorn? With a super-quirky popcorn machine at your celebration, this not only adds to the amazing set up but also keeps your guests fed! There are options out there to buy or hire many different popcorn machines, or alternatively you could buy the popcorn in bags if you fancied a mix of flavours and share out yourself in some nice homemade popcorn boxes? It doesn’t always have to be popcorn either, perhaps some chocolate covered strawberries might be a more interesting snack and you could easily create some serving boxes using strawberry clipart. Then comes the drinks, if you’re looking for movie-inspired drink ideas, there’s plenty. From milkshakes to cups of coffee…plus there’s also some wonderful coffee clipart you could make use of too!

Photobooth with Movie Props

Talking of DIY, there are also ways of creating your own movie-themed photo booth, complete with Clapperboard, studio spotlights and megaphone props! All you will need for this is a nice back drop such as the Shimmer Curtain backdrop (please see below) or a large frame with which your guests can hold up to capture the perfect shot! If you’re feeling extra-creative you can even make the props yourself or order them from online shops as a set.

Shimmer curtain backdrop

Finally, what party isn’t complete with a bit of Glitz and Glamour. With a Shimmer Curtain providing a perfect backdrop to those paparazzi shots or photo booth selfies, your guests will have stars in their eyes with this perfect party decoration. With options to make your own on a small budget or buy online, this would be the ultimate decoration to complete your award-winning movie night celebration!

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