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Top Movies Starring Robert De Niro



If you want to watch a high-quality movie starring the one and only Robert De Niro, then you have come to the right place.  Here you can find out what the top movies are from Robert De Niro so you can have the best cinema experience possible from the comfort of your own home.


This is another movie that was directed by the one and only Martin Scorsese. It is based on the book known as Wise Guy and it stars Joe Pesci along with De Niro and Paul Sorvino. This is one of the best movies from Scorsese and it shows that it is more than possible for a gangster flick to create a strong sense of family. The main character has a great feeling of acceptance from his fellow hoods, and you also have a strong brotherhood feel as well. This is one movie you will not want to miss out on, and it is a fantastic way for you to pass a Saturday night if you’re stuck for something to watch.


Casino was directed by the one and only Martin Scorsese. The screenplay was done by Nicholas Pileggi and it really is one of the best movies he has done to date. His character is fantastic, and it tells the story of Frank Rosenthal. He tries to stay above the fray and avoid the glitz and glamour of Sin City. That being said, things soon begin to destroy him, and he is not able to keep his head above water. This movie was shot long before online casino sites hit the market. Since then, a lot of casino movies have focused on the tech side of things, and a lot of this has come down to online casinos paving the way for entertainment. If you want to play at an online casino for yourself then be sure to check out the casino online UK NetBet as a good starting point in your journey.

The Godfather: Part II

HOLLYWOOD – 1974: Robert De Niro and Francesca De Sapio perform a scene in The Godfather Part II directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1974 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images)

The Godfather: Part II is truly fantastic to say the least. It was directed by Francis Coppola and it was based on the book of the same name. You have a huge cast in this movie, ranging from Al Pacino to Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, and even Morgana King. You also have Lee Strasberg as well. If you look at the history of movies, you will soon see that there are not many of them that can even hold a candle to the first but this movie is something else. Instead of trying to compete with Brando’s iconic performance, De Niro simply forgets his own path. He plays the part of an immigrant who is going to do everything he can to make sure his family is looked after. He ends up getting into business with some very shady characters and things take a turn from there. Make sure that you give this movie a watch for yourself today because if you haven’t seen it yet then it will blow you away, and the acting is truly fantastic.

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