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Top Gun 2 No Longer A ‘Go’!



The original remains a much loved commodity from the 1980’s. There has been much talk of Tom Cruise’s Maverick and co. returning to quench that ‘need for speed’, with production set to begin in the Spring of next year and a script written by Peter Craig (The Town).

Today however according to The New York Times, has seen the project yet again slide deeper into limbo. The key reason, will hardly cause outrage. The 1986 classic was of course directed by Man On Fire and Unstoppable director Tony Scott, who tragically passed away back in August.

With many seemingly unprepared to plough on out of respect for Scott’s directorial prowess, Paramount will instead turn it’s attention to giving the green light to a 3D conversion re-release of ‘Top Gun’ in tribute.

A tentative release date of Feburary has already been pencilled, with one week of exclusive IMAX showings in the pipeline.

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