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Top Casino Movie Scenes We Can’t Forget



There is truly a vast number of movies – good ones, at that! – that revolve around gambling and casinos, featuring intense, brilliant and all around unforgettable casino scenes. As the potential list is actually never-ending, we did our best to narrow the choice down to 5 best casino scenes. Since it’s virtually impossible for every legendary casino scene to make the cut, be sure you let us know which scenes are missing in your opinion and if we’ve managed to include any of your personal favourites. Ready? Let’s go!

The Sting

Starting the list off with one of the most famous con artist movies – The Sting. While not a casino scene per se, the train car poker game remains to this day one of the most iconic gambling scenes of all time and simply can’t be overlooked. Paul Newman playing a drunken high roller and cheating Robert Shaw out of his money over a game of Jacks is as unforgettable as the famous and much-referenced nose-swipe gesture from the movie, originally announcing that the con was on.

Run Lola Run

This famous race-against-time movie Run Lola Run is superb in its own right and the casino scene is no exception. As the titular Lola realizes she has no alternative but to enter the casino and put her faith in a game of roulette, you sit on the edge of the seat waiting for the outcome. If you remember her piercing scream during this scene, you definitely remember her victory, as well.



Now, what kind of list wouldn’t include Casino, one of the most legendary movies about gambling of all time? While the film is brimming with memorable moments, the scene featuring the arrogant player who refuses to take his feet off the table and proceeds to curse at Robert De Niro stands out. Of course, what happens next is the rude cowboy literally being thrown out of the casino and flying through the door head-first.

Ocean’s Eleven

On the one hand, Ocean’s Eleven is an obvious choice. On the other, it doesn’t really have just one casino scene that outshines all other – it’s the whole movie with its numerous cool references and exciting casino-related moments. You can accuse us of picking it solely for the irresistible George Clooney-Brad Pitt banter and we wouldn’t deny it. However, the fact that the movie was filmed on some of the most iconic locations like the MGM Grand, The Mirage and Caesar’s Palace has something to do with it, as well.

Casino Royale

For this last slot we had numerous film scenes in mind. Do we go with Cool Hand Luke? Rain Man? Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? Rounders? Hard Eight? Maverick? 21? Ultimately, James Bond won, as he always does. This time his victory happened in Casino Royale and included a high stakes game of poker with £115 million in the pot. His winning hand? A straight flush. Classy, just like Bond himself.

Your Favourite Casino Scenes

All right, your turn! What do you think of our list? Do you agree with our choices or would you top five look completely different? If so, tell us which casino scenes you think we should’ve included and why – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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