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Top 5 Gambling Movies You Should See on Netflix



One admirable feature of Netflix is its selection of movies available to subscribers. Regardless of your leanings and likes, you’ll find a movie that appeals to you on Netflix, and there’s a vast selection of gambling movies available on the platform. It’s a pretty affordable form of home entertainment that can help you unwind.

If you recently developed an interest in new casinos online, you might be interested in seeing some movies related to your recent interest. No doubt, some movies only misrepresent gambling, making it a vice. Luckily, Netflix has not done terribly with its platform selection of movies.

We have gone through Netflix selections and have compiled a list of the top gambling movies you would not regret watching. Ella Houghton, a casino expert, has vouched for some of these films she considers a great watch. If a casino expert can declare a gambling movie a great watch, you will probably enjoy it too. 

  1. Croupier 

Nothing beats the classics, which is precisely why this film, produced in 1998, is at the top of our list. This motion picture is for old gamblers who would love to reminisce on the good old casino days and the glamor of it all. Top casino locations in the world, like Las Vegas, are depicted correctly, showcasing the natural casino lifestyle and how gambling can help one survive.

  1. Mississippi Grind

This film, released in 2015, can be considered the best poker movie on Netflix. It features several gambling sites as the two friends, who are the main characters, keep traveling to make money in the casino. The film was dubbed “Mississippi Grind” because these friends stopped by casinos in different towns along the famous river.

They wanted to travel to other places to gamble as they were tired of playing locally. Fortunately, there was an opportunity to win big in New Orleans, and they could not miss it, so they got on the road.

  1. James Bond: Casino Royale

As expected of every James Bond film, this one is no different as it is a thrilling action flick. Bond, in this movie, was assigned to prevent money laundering activity, and he finds himself in Montenegro. Other exquisite locations around the world, including Venice, Prague, and Miami, were also featured in this film.

person holding clapperboard

Bond played several high-roller poker games in this movie, and we finally saw him showcase his gambling skills. The entire movie was dependent on these skills, so you can be assured that he was not going about chasing criminals here,

  1. Bugsy

As new casinos UK lovers, you must know some historical stories Bugsy offers. This movie was based on the book “We Only Kill Each Other.” It is the biography of a casino expert with big dreams and visions. In his days, he was well-known in casinos and was a great player, leading him to start dreaming of building his casino in the middle of Nevada. He achieved his dreams as he got to develop the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel. Unfortunately, he did not leave to see his work become a success, as he was killed in the movie. Definitely a great watch.

  1. Casino

This movie stands out as it focuses more on how the casino operates, capturing all the intricacies. It is an excellent watch if you would like to see different casino settings and how things differ in each casino.


Get your popcorn ready whenever you see any of these gambling movies because you might as well find yourself binge-watching them all. In these films, you will see expert players, top casino destinations, how traditional casinos function, and how things are done, all with an exciting storyline. They will be worth your time.

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