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Top 10 Gambling Movies on Netflix



Watching a great gambling movie as you unwind and simultaneously engaging in some real mobile casino fun sounds entertaining, right? It is indeed a great way to also pick-up some gambling ideas and tips. There are some brilliant movies that depict the casino culture and watching these could set your gambling stakes high. Interestingly, the highly regarded American entertainer, Netflix provides a host of movies that you can watch online. Here we have sneak peek into 10 selected casino films available on Netflix that may spin the thrill even outside the real casino domain.

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1.Who’s Got the Action

Released in 1962 is a comedy tale that depicts a gambling addict whose wife tries to rid him of his indulgent hobby. As she plots him to lose his bankroll by betting on horse racing so that he quits gambling forever, the mob’s entry complicates things as things begin to backfire.

2. Croupier

One of the best-rated films, Croupier depicts the journey of a writer who turned into a croupier as he gets dragged into the casino world and how it impacts relationships with dealers, bettors, friends, fellow croupier and customers. The mobile casino today brings the real croupier experience on your virtual device.

3. Rounders

Released in 1998, highlights the famous poker game Hold’ Em that you can play in your mobile casino even today. The movie depicts a gambler’s yearning for earning and defeating.

4.Eight Men Out:

Released in 1988, unravel the story of eight members of the ‘Black Sox’ who were banned from playing baseball for banishing the World Series in 1918 in exchange for huge amounts of cash from gamblers. The movie focuses on the courtroom drama that unfolds around them.

5. The Double Down

Released in 1999 unveils the crazy fun experienced by four best friends as gamblers who are left with the need to work out a plan to pay off their debt to an eccentric hitman.

6. Hard Four

This 2010 release portrayed the relevance of how in the Craps game, they say never to bet on a hard four. It’s a low budget comedy that unveils the story of how a legendary Craps player loses his life playing the game and how his family struggles to recover his corpse.

7. 21

This film displaying the real-life MIT blackjack teams was released in 2008. Cast as an MIT professor, Kevin Spacey recruits a dream team of mathematicians with the goal of winning over the casinos around the world.

8. Mugshots

Sandy Murphy- Death of a Casino Ling: Released in 2013, the movie projects the son of a famed casino owner who died under mysterious circumstances. Investigations surface around his girlfriend defying suicide as a homicide attempt. Presented in a documentary style, the movie is quite captivating.

9. Life on the Line

Also released in the same year, this movie was filmed in Vegas and projects the lives of professional bettors. The documentary unfolds the story of how they stake their bankrolls and livelihoods on the Super Bowl Sunday.

10. Lay the Favourite

Released in 2012, this movie is a comedy plot around a stripper who follows a professional gambler to enter the world of offshore sports gambling.

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