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Top 10 Films Of 2013 So Far



2013 has already been a busy year for film, with popular sequels, box office hits, and a few potential award winners already passing through the cinemas. Within another couple of months, some of the year’s best films may already be available to purchase on DVD or stream from sites like Picture Box Films! So, as we approach the year’s midway point, here’s a quick look at one reviewer’s top 10 films of 2013 so far.

10. Oblivion

“Visually stunning” is a term thrown around too frequently these days in film, but it certainly applies to Oblivion. The film may be a bit lacking in content and plot, but a combination of Tom Cruise, visual appeal, and action restraint makes it enjoyable.

9. Man Of Steel

Hopes were high for the latest Superman franchise. Unfortunately, the film loses itself in lengthy action sequences and an unnecessarily jumbled storyline. It’s still good enough to make the list, but Man Of Steel is a bit disappointing.

8. Olympus Has Fallen

This action film about a White House under siege is fun because it embraces its own ridiculousness. Basically, it’s Gerard Butler destroying villains, and that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable, mindless ride.

7. Iron Man 3

As a superhero film, Iron Man 3 is spectacular – grand, flashy, and entertaining. But as an Iron Man installment, it abandoned humor a bit too much. Marvel films have survived on lightness and humor, and this film is a bit too Dark Knight-ish for Iron Man.

6. World War Z

Brad Pitt is on screen almost 100% of the time in this epic, world-spanning zombie thriller based on the Max Brooks novel. Suspenseful, frightening, and action-packed, but not without restraint, it’s an ideal summer film.

5. Mud

This is a very simple film about a fugitive (Matthew McConaughey) living on a small island on the Mississippi River. The character – “Mud” – is helped along by two young boys in what amounts to an extremely well done film.

4. Fast And Furious 6

Fast 5 revved up this series again, and Fast 6 should keep things going. The whole gang’s back again, taking on high stakes espionage and agent work instead of heists, and the result is an incredibly fun film.

3. This Is The End

Undoubtedly the year’s best comedy so far, this film features innumerable star comics playing versions of themselves attempting to survive the apocalypse. There really is no simpler explanation than that, but somehow it works, and it’s hysterical.

2. Star Trek Into Darkness

The follow-up to 2009’s franchise reboot is much like its predecessor: epic, amusing and entertaining without being too complex or dependent on Star Trek lore. Whether your’e a lifelong fan or someone simply looking for an afternoon activity, you’ll enjoy it.

1. The Great Gatsby

Some have criticized the soundtrack and style of the film, but the bottom line is that this is the truest, and best adaptation of Gatsby to date. Leonardo DiCaprio is simply fantastic as one of literature’s largest and grandest figures.

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