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Three Movie Characters Who Won Big on Slots



The casino theme has been referred to quite a number of times after James Bond’s first introduction to audience back in 1960s. Some 50 years ago, the film directors already had a clear view of things: the plot based around casino and gambling in general offers some great opportunities for the events’ progression. One may focus on the character’s adventure line and enrich it by the whole variety of action scenes like gunfights, pursuits, and simply tense situations. Naturally, today the Hollywood movies about smart gamblers have undergone some formidable changes in the direction of spectacularity. With all featured technological gadgets, endless slot machines and no deposit online casinos, bending luck to one’s will turned to be a piece of cake. And characters finally learnt to win big.

Danny Ocean and friends using magnetron devices

Oceans-11-oceans-eleven-2273326-500-334There was a scene in ‘Ocean’s thirteen’ where Danny’s team made a $500 million hit on the casino within just three minutes time window by means of magnetron devices. The main appliance jammed the three casino security systems and made it possible for the characters to control the slots and table games. The chaos they made and the haul they got was definitely worth all the thorough planning and preparations we watched during the movie. Although, in terms of believability the scene is taken from the realms of fantasy, it really makes one admire the whole episode when the outcome arrives. With this in mind, ‘Ocean’s thirteen’ comes with one of the most exciting casino scenes ever produced.

Joseph-gordon-levitt-in-sin-city-a-dame-to-kill-for-movie-4Johnny from Sin City hitting the jackpot

‘Sin City: a Dame to Kill For’ introduces a new type of character – Johnny, a cocky young gambler. He comes to Kadie’s place and immediately wins on multiple slot machines. There he meets a waitress, Marcie, and takes her as a good luck charm to the poker match. The young man makes a series of wins, thus, cleaning the senator (main antagonist) out. The latter isn’t fond of such outcome and warnes Johnny of the consequences. Despite the fact the young man gets punished badly with all his money taken away, he still returns to the match after another huge winning in slots. That desperate moment nearly makes one applaud when watching the film.

Max Peterson (‘The Echelon Conspiracy’) beating the slot machine

echelon_conspiracy26One day Max Peterson receives an anonymous gift: a phone sending messages that hack the casino machines. Soon enough, he finds himself chased by the killers, CIA, and casino’s security chief.

There is a scene in a movie when Max enters a casino with an earpiece in his ear. A voice in the earpiece tells him to choose the biggest slot machine. As soon as the main character uses the machine, he wins a big sum. Security is watching him on cameras and once Max hits jackpot, the pursuit begins. During the whole film an engaged viewer stays involved and worries deeply about the character.

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