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This Means War



Released: 2nd March 2012 (UK)

Director: McG

Stars: Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon

Certificate: 12A

Reviewer: Ben Harris

To quickly sum up – Two CIA agents, FDR Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy), go into battle (literally) after they both end up dating the same woman, Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). Sound stupid? It certainly is but throw in your generic bad guy and director McG is in his element.

From the get-go ‘This Means War’ ludicrous concept is brought to life with shoddy direction and infuriating choppy editing, which is mainly noticeable in the action sequences. Admittedly there are some well constructed shots outside of the action driven subplot.

The clumsy and predictable screenplay lets the film down but there is no denying there are some funny moments. These surprisingly come from comedian Chelsea Handler, albeit slightly annoying, who plays Lauren’s best friend. Let’s face it; this film is in the name of fun.

A charming cast seem to be having a blast but not everyone’s character is likable. I’m talking about you FDR Foster. The guy is a complete arse. His cocky verbal insults and womanising ways don’t do him any favours, and his revelation at the end is maddening. Tom Hardy you are still the main man!

This ridiculous action flick isn’t a complete disaster but its majorly flawed. It’s thanks to the great chemistry between the leads and some amusing, yet cheesy, dialogue that keeps ‘This Means War’ afloat.

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