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‘This Good Earth’ Releases April 19



Random Media has set the documentary film ‘This Good Earth’ release date of April 19th to coincide with this year’s Earth Day.

Written and directed by award winning filmmaker Robert Golden, ‘This Good Earth’ is a hard-hitting film about the reality of global warming, impoverished diets and rising hunger, disease, and deaths. The documentary is told by bakers, farmers, doctors, scientist, health officials and leading experts on food security, human rights, and justice, who offer solutions to the ever-growing melting poles, raging fires, hungry children and obesity caused by day-to-day inner workings of corporate oil, food giants and politicians.

Produced by Robert Golden and Tina Ellen Lee, the cast includes Liz Bowles, Phillip Colfox, Richard Harvey, Tim Lang, and Jules Pretty. On the festival circuit ‘This Good Earth’ has received accolades from the 2021 EATSA Art & Tourism Film Festival and Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

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