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Third Time Lucky For Argo Stateside!



It’s a rare occasion in today’s climate, that a release already benefitting from a couple of weeks release would eventually defy the odds and take the top spot. Despite a eclectic mix of new releases, this is exactly what happened to Ben Affleck’s award chasing drama ‘Argo’ this weekend in the US.

Originally debuting in the runner up spot, Warner Bros’ Argo is now top of the pile with a taking of $12.3 million and holding off the threat of another climber ‘Hotel Transylvania’. Shifting our attention to the new releases, one in particular has been awash with buzz.

The film adaptation of David Mitchell’s ambitious novel ‘Cloud Atlas’ may have been complete with six interlinking stories and boasting the talents of Tom Hanks and Jim Broadbent, but sadly the ‘interest’ didn’t wholly translate into box office success. With only $9.4 million and debuting in third, Warner Bros will be pinning its hopes on it’s overseas appeal instead of domestic now.

With Halloween this week, it was only fitting that another franchise unleashed a new installment. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D inspired by the Playstation videogames, settled for $8 million.

Here’s the full rundown:

1. Argo $12.3 million

2. Hotel Transylvania $9.5 million

3. Cloud Atlas $9.4 million

4. Paranormal Activity 4 $8.6 million

5. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D $8 million

6. Taken 2 $8 million

7. Here Comes The Boom $5.5 million

8. Sinister $5.07 million

9. Alex Cross $5.05 million

10. Fun Size $4 million

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