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The Ultimate Movie Night with the Prima Projector



With the vast majority of cinemas around the world still shut, most of us long to experience the thrill of the big screen once more.

While we’ve been looking to find a way to recreate the experience at home, we came across the Prima Projector, an incredible piece of technology that allows you to cast films onto any surface and in HD quality.

It’s billed as the ‘world’s most portable projector’ and when you consider it’s the size of an iPhone – we can’t really argue with that!

The fact that the Prima Projector is able to cast a screen of up to 200″ makes it the perfect tool to enjoy an incredibly immersive movie night at home. You don’t need a fancy screen and best of all you don’t need to buy specialist speakers as the Prima has a speaker built-in. That said, you can connect to your bluetooth speakers easily to boost the sound at the touch of a button, literally.

There’s also the battery life, we’ve tried other portable projectors and some have a lifespan of around 90 minutes without being plugged in – barely enough time for the shortest of films! The Prima’s battery can last for 3 hours in video playback meaning you can enjoy The Wolf of Wall Street or Dances with Wolves without worrying it’ll cut the experience short.

The automatic keystone angle adjustment is a lovely touch too, allowing you to refine your view perfectly even when the projector isn’t on an even surface.

The projector doesn’t stop with movies and while that’s the main reason we’ll be using it, the Prima has the ability to pair with pretty much everything in your house – your phone and games console included.

Not bad when you compare what it can do to it’s size! It’s more capable than some full-size projectors and it’s more affordable than most too! The Prima Projector is definitely the must-have gadget for any cinephile and you can buy yours now from

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