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The Talk In The Night – Short Film Review



The Talk In The Night

Director – Chris Hanna.

Cast – Rebecca Garcia, Carl Hedberg, Robert Henkel Jr, Jeff Poole.






ZGN Productions have been producing short films for some time, and their most recent film The Talk In The Night displays a progression in aptitude that is impressive. This improvement is not only seen in the technicalities of film making, but also in the structure and development of plot and characters.

The Talk In The Night focuses on Greg, a man in the throes of an unhappy and volatile relationship. When the relationship comes to a murderous halt Greg decides to go to a bar to drown his sorrows. Whilst there a mysterious old man starts talking to him, seemingly in riddles, until he reveals something shocking, something that Greg was not expecting. Has Greg come face to face with his comeuppance?

The Talk In The Night

From the opening sequence The Talk In The Night oozes mystery and atmosphere, utilising an excellent score to build the viewers tension right from the outset. This is mirrored by some strong performances and although certain aspects of the script are a little on the nose this is so minimal that it doesn’t detract from the film’s ambience.

When compared to earlier films such as ‘To Live’, The Talk in the Night looks much more polished and much more considered. The production quality is far superior and the thought that has gone into the aesthetics of the film is much more developed. The use of a variety of shots adds to the slow yet tension building feel of the film, and doesn’t come across as over compensating or over-used.

The Talk In The Night

As Hanna and his ZGN team begin work on their next short film, it is easy to have high expectations given the progression that The Talk In The Night shows. Its selection for the LA Cinefest 2016 and Texas Ultimate Shorts is well deserved. An interesting, tension building and surprising short film from an exciting director and production team.


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