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The Possession Creeps Ahead At The Box Office!



Last week’s figures headed up by The Expendables 2 were underwhelming and with only two brand new wide releases in the US, the Labor day weekend continued the traditionally weak trend.

Claiming the top spot, was Andre Overdal’s ‘child demon’ frightener ‘The Possession. Produced by Sam Raimi’s ‘Ghost House’ company and starring Watchmen’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it easily triumphed over its competitiors taking a respectable sum of $17.7 million.

Punching considerably below its weight but still able to nab the runner up spot, was John Hillcoat’s ‘Lawless’. Boasting the talents of Tom Hardy, Shia Laboeuf and Gary Oldman, it failed to score a result worthy of such a heavyweight assembling ($10 million).

Here’s the rundown in its entirety:

1. The Possession $17.7 million

2. Lawless $10 million

3. The Expendables 2 $8.9 million

4. The Bourne Legacy $7.3 million

5. Paranorman $6.5 million

6. The Odd Life Of Timothy Green $6.2 million

7. The Dark Knight Rises $6.1 million

8. The Campaign $5.6 million

9. 2016 Obama’s America $5.5 million

10. Hope Springs $4.7 million

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