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The Live-Action Minecraft Movie Has A Release Date



Warner Bros. and video game developer Mojang’s forthcoming live-action Minecraft movie now has a release date.

The film will follow an unnamed teenage girl and her fellow adventurers as they take on a mythical Ender Dragon that threatens the blocky Overworld, and is set to release on the 4th of March, 2022.

In a social media post about the release date, Mojang poked fun at the far-off scheduling, writing: “Does it sound distant? We beg to differ! It’s only 1053 days. Or about 34 months, or 150 weeks, or a million and a half minutes. Not that we’re counting, of course. Besides it turns out that making a live-action, full-length feature film is really complicated!”

The Minecraft movie will be directed by Peter Sollett (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist), from a screenplay he wrote himself. Casting is expected to be announced within the next few months. Steve Carrell was reportedly previously attached to the project, but left due to scheduling conflicts.

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