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The Lines of Entertainment Continue to Blur



There was a time not too long ago when entertainment was pretty segmented. You had your movies, your TV shows, and your video games. Sure, there might be a little crossover now and again, such as a show becoming a movie or perhaps a game turned into a show (remember the bizarre Super Mario Bros. show starring Captain Lou Albano?). For the most part, however, things remained separate. Well, that is not really the case any longer. The lines have blurred substantially over the last decade or so, and now it seems as though anything created could—and often does—appear in any form.

If you are a fan of superheroes, you know this first hand. Chances are lately you’ve seen some of your favourite characters on big, small, and even smaller screens. Take Daredevil, for example. Though the movie is now several years old, he’s made a big comeback on TV thanks to Netflix. In addition, he is also featured in a variety of video and mobile games, including Marvel’s Future Fight and Contest of Champions, reports n3rdabl3. And guess who will be joining him in those games? The hero of another popular show: Jessica Jones.

Are you an avid watcher of the addictive Game of Thrones? If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands dirty in Westeros, now’s your chance with a new video game. In the game, you play different members of the Forrester family, a minor house that produces ironwood, the strongest lumber in the land. Therefore it comes as little surprise that the family would find itself feeling pressure from all sides. While you decide where your allegiance lies, you get to visit places like King’s Landing and Castle Black and interact with some of your favourite characters from the show, including Jon Snow and Cersei. If nothing else, the game will able to hold you over until the next season begins.

And surprise, Mario is headed back to TV. But don’t get too excited, fans of the late Albano. According to Slashfilm, Mario Kart is getting its own TV show, but it may not be what you think. Instead of being a Fast and Furious-like Nintendo show (which would be pretty cool), it will actually feature people playing the game. Ever wanted to watch other people play Mario Kart? You’re in luck.

Even reality shows are making their way into video games. As unlikely as it may seem, X Factor has been adapted to the playable medium. If you’ve ever wanted to sing karaoke and get critiqued by digital judges (instead of just your friends), this is the title for you. Though, before you go out and buy it, maybe you should read this less-than-flattering article about it on The Guardian. And let’s say you’re a fan of X Factor but you don’t have much talent to speak of. Well, you can still enjoy playing Gala Bingo’s version. In this game, you get to experience everything contestants do, just in a different way. There are images of auditions, boot camp, and the live shows, but they’ve been transformed into slot form. And who knows, you may even get some scathing remarks from Mr. Cowell on your way to stardom.

Nowadays it’s possible to go home, watch a movie and TV show, and then play a video game, with all of them featuring your same favourite characters. How great is that?

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