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The Great Gatsby Lifestyle



For those of you who have seen Baz Luhrmann’s latest ‘The Great Gatsby’ you might fancy a taste of the lifestyle. However, following in Jay Gatsby’s footsteps will come at a heavy price.

The film inspired by Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, follows Nick Carroway (Tobey Maguire) as he is drawn into his millionaire neighbours obseissive lifestyle.

Fast cars, fireworks and parties in Gatsby’s mansion are the order of the day, but Gatsby’s reasoning behind his lifestyle is his obsession with pre-war sweetheart Daisy (Carey Mulligan).

In fact the cost of his obsession comes in at a whopping $21,000,000 dollars in today’s money. Buying a fancy mansion, a fast car and a boat certainly isn’t cheap. throw into the mix the food and alcohol on offer at these parties and his seemingly excessive number of staff, then the bill soon adds up. However as the bill rises, the life he leads becomes more and more enviable.

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While the Gatsby lifestyle seems hard to attain, this could certainly be the way forward!

The Great Gatsby is still showing in UK cinemas, so if you splash out on a cinema ticket, that is perhaps not quite as expensive as the cost of Gatsby’s lifestyle, then you may certainly experience a taste of the highlife. Albeit on the silver screen.

So go on Old Sport, see for yourself.

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