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The Grand National: A Guide For Film Fans



The Last Samuri (The Last Samurai)


The most obvious film-related horse running this year is also one of the favourites. The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise was released in 2003 while The Last Samuri (minus the ‘a’) is trained by Kim Bailey and ridden by David Bass. It’s currently second favourite behind last years winner ‘Many Clouds’ and at odds of around 9/1 on William Hill

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Rocky Creek (Rocky III)

rocky three

Rocky Balboa came up against Mr. T in the form of boxing rival Clubber Lang in Rocky III and while Rocky was the champ going into this film, he certainly found it tough-going. Rocky Creek on the other hand is a bit of an outsider with odds of 66/1 at time of writing, he may surprise a few, much like Rocky did…

Gallant Oscar

While not based on a film as such, Gallant Oscar is the namesake of the biggest awards in Hollywood – The Academy Awards a.k.a The Oscars! The Oscars celebrate the best in film and at 18/1 Gallant Oscar may not be a bad bet….

Goonyella (The Goonies)


An 80’s classic ‘The Goonies’ is one of the most loved and most quoted films around and much like the gang from the film, Goonyella will certainly hope to find treasure when running in the Grand National. Not a massive outsider with odds of around 22/1, a bit of money on Goonyella may well leave you shouting ‘Hey You Guys! Look at my winnings…’ (sorry, that had to be done…)

Black Thunder

black thunder

Okay, so I’m the first to admit this is a bit of a stretch for a film reference, as despite there being an actual film called ‘Black Thunder’ from director Rick Jacobson, who is better known for his TV exploits on the likes of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ and ‘Baywatch’, we doubt anyone has ever actually seen it.. Much like the far-fetched film reference, the odds of 66-1 aren’t particularly favourable and Black Thunder has been tipped to not finish. Still, everyone loves a long-shot right?

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