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‘The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins’ Releases October 21 in Theatres



HS Productions is releasing the drama-thriller film, ‘The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins’ in theatres across the US for a limited time from October 21st, ahead of its digital and on-demand release via Freestyle Digital Media early next year.

Official Synopsis: At 7:07 PM, the occult club members are holding a ritual ceremony to summon “Master Salt” in Kamono Girls’ Highschool in Tokyo, to help one of the members, Nanako, who has been struck by mysterious incidents. They draw a pentagon and a circle with purified salt and burn a sealed envelope with a written wish. Out of nowhere, the divine protector, Master Salt appears with a blast of wind. She sees through the identity of the spirit that cursed Nanako and repels the curse. After that event, Nanako and her friends ask Master Salt to repel the curses that bring misery to people. They discover that this world is full of people who curse others. What will Master Salt and the girls encounter in the battle against a powerful enemy?

Review: ‘The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins’ is a stunning and compassionate immortal who arrives to Earth through a magical ritual ceremony involving salt and a pentagram. One evening, three female middle school students summon her for her protection. Our heroine Master Salt quickly seeks out the threat and eliminates the bad feelings.

Master Salts ability to rid the evil from Earth catches on and before long, the three girls are summoning Master Salt for many problems and dilemmas found in the world.  

The movie is suitable for all ages and personifies some valuable moral lessons. ‘The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins’ is wonderfully entertaining and definitely one to watch.

Director: Hiroshi Akabane

Cast: Rin Kijima, Saya Fukunaga, Mariya Suzuki, Munehiro Yoshida, Donpei Tsuchihira, Moro Morooka, Fumihiko Tachiki (voice), and Yuki Meguro. The original story is byRyuho Okawa who also serves as executive producer.

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