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“The Dark Knight Rises” New Trailer Will Premiere With “Avengers”



As if you need another reason to go see The Avengers coming out soon, Deadline has announced and confirmed that the new Dark Knight Rises trailer will be playing in both 2D and 3D theaters before The Avengers. This will be the 3rd full length trailer for the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s phenomenal Batman trilogy. This is interesting seeing that Batman comes from DC and The Avengers from Marvel but I believe it is brilliant marketing as anyone who is going to see The Avengers also has a vested interest in the Dark Knight. This will also be a boost for The Avengers numbers as Dark Knight Rises trailer helped boost Mission Impossible 4 sales back in December. Overall I couldn’t be more excited for The Avengers now and can’t wait to see what the new trailer has in store for us!

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