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Terms and Conditions

1. Contributing To Movie Marker

By submitting an article for publication on Movie Marker ( you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions. Material refers to any item of written work, including but not limited to, film reviews, news articles, feature articles. Any items of audio or visual work, including but not limited to podcasts, reviews, visual or audio news articles or features.

– Upon submitting material to Movie Marker, you agree to allow us to redistribute the material through various platforms and mediums. Social Media, Print, Audio included.

– All work is credited to the original author, however Movie Marker reserves the right to remove any material at any time without prior notice. Movie Marker is entitled to not publsih work submitted immediately and to also not publish work for any reason.

– Movie Marker will honour requests to remove any work the original author requests be removed, assuming a request is made in writing. However in exceptional circumstances, Movie Marker can refuse the right to do so if it would adversely affect Movie Marker.

– All contributors work is subject to plagiarism checks. We use plagiarism software to ensure work is original and created by the person submitting the work. If plagiarism is detected in any new or previous material, Movie Marker will immediately remove all articles created by the author and that author will be removed from the website or any other publications indefinitely.

– All work submitted to Movie Marker is stored in the archives and a sepearate back-up, this is to ensure our work is protected. and replaceable in the even that the website archive is lost. Movie Marker stores all work sent in emails either in content or as attachment and reserves the right to store it indefinitely, publishing as and when required.

2. Using Movie Marker (

By accessing Movie Marker you agree to the following conditions.

– By using Movie Marker you agree to our cookies policy.

– All our reviews are property of Movie Marker and the original author jointly and therefore are not to be recreated or used in any way without prior express written consent from both parties (Movie Marker and Author) If you wish to use any of our content please contact

– Any abusive comments or emails will not be responded to and will result in that user being banned from the site indefinitely and any emails blocked and reported.

– Any comments containing links to other websiteswill be immediately removed and that user banned from commenting on articles – unless expressly agreed with Movie Marker prior to publishing the comment.

3. Social Media/Communication Policy

– We are happy for our work to be shared across social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc. All work must be credited to Movie Marker and therefore the original author is also credited. Examples that do not require the sharer to specifically ‘state’ they are sharing Movie Marker content include sharing a Movie Marker Facebook post directly from the Movie Marker facebook page or retweeting the Movie Marker account. However, if linking directly to a post on the website, please do not use a tinyurl – please retain the original hyperlink, unless agreed prior to publication of the link.

– All tweets, faebook posts and other social media communcations are the views of the user posting said communications and do not represent the explicit views of Movie Marker as an organisation. Any offensive or derogatory tweets should be reported and Movie Marker will respond as soon as possible.

– Any emails sent and recieved by Movie Marker are confidential and intended for the addresee only. If you recieve an email from Movie Marker, or directed to Movie Marker, it should immediately be destroyed and not redistributed.

– All Movie Marker correspondence will come from a team member named in our Contact page. If you recieve an email you believe to be from a third party claiming to represent Movie Marker please inform us and do not respond unless we confirm via our email.

– By subscrbing to the site as a reader through our email system, you agree to allow Movie Marker to contact you regarding new material or any other material we see fit.

– Movie Marker will not share your public information with anyone. Movie Marker will also never request your login details through any source. Please do not share your details with anyone requesting them.

4. Copyright

– All original work is copyright of Movie Marker.

– The Movie Marker name and ‘Reel Logo’ are the property of Movie Marker and it’s creator. They should not be replicated or distributed without the prior written consent of Movie Marker.

– All images/audio/videos used in reviews, news articles and features, as well as any other articles are the copyright of the original photographer or creator, where possible we will credit our images to whom it belongs. Original images are copyright of Movie Marker. Please contact us if you are the owner of an image used and we will apply credit and/or remove the image at request of the copyright owner.

– Any news articles that use information from another source will credit said source in the article.

5. Competition Entries

When entering a competition via Movie Marker the following rules apply:

– The prize will be identified within the article itself, no cash alternative is available.

– Depending on nature of competition, how to enter will be clearly displayed on each individual competition. Movie Marker may run competitions requiring email entry via a form, or run competitions exclusively on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. If the entry does not meet the entry requirements it will not be added into the prize draw.

– Movie Marker runs competitions in association with film distributors and other organisations and therefore adhere to the terms and conditions agreed with those supplying the prize.

– The closing date for entries will be clearly displayed on each individual competition. Entries received after closing date will not be counted.