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‘Teenage Girl: Skip Day,’ and ‘Teenage Girl: First Wheels’ Double Bill in February



The teen comedy-drama feature films, ‘Teenage Girl: Skip Day’ and ‘Teenage Girl: First Wheels, which stars Cory Feldman have set their February release dates and Movie Marker has the inside scoop.

Directed by Aaron Lee Lopez, the two teen movies, which are a modern take on John Hughes classic 80’s films highlighting high school girls and their families, follow on from the teams already released Teenage Girl: Valerie’s Holiday’ and ‘Teenage Vampire.’

The first to release on digital platforms is ‘Teenage Girl: Skip Day,’ out February 21. This is the story of four girls from different social cliques who meet each other during Senior Skip Day, they discover they are more like each other than they thought.

Synopsis: This is the story of 4 girls named Alayna, Bren, Darla, and Jennifer who skip school on senior skip day and get into all kinds of trouble. The cool kid, Bren, convinces Alayna, a school choir nerd, to skip school for the day. They run into Darla, the school’s fashion model and Jennifer, the school’s punk rocker reject. During this journey they will party, steal a trophy, meet boys, get put into (ISS) In School Suspension and become friends. Throughout this, Italy, the school’s cheerleader bully, and their high school principal chase down the girls in order to ruin their skip day.

Official Trailer: Teenage Girl Skip Day

The second to roll out is ‘Teenage Girl: First Wheels’ a fun story of when Alex’s family goes out of town, her and fellow geek band friend Claire decide to take her brother’s candy apple red 1966 Mustang on weekend joyride in hopes of appearing cool and impressing her high school crush.

Synopsis: Alex has just turned sixteen and she desperately wants to have a cool car of her own. She envies her older brother Bart’s recent graduation present from their parents, a classic candy apple red 1966 convertible Mustang. Alex envisions it as the perfect car to help raise her social status from band geek to cool girl in hopes of capturing the attention of her dream boy Randy. When her parents leave town to take her brother on a college admission trip, Alex and her best friend Claire decide to take the Mustang on a wild weekend joyride that leads the two girls on a crazy life changing adventure. Can they get through the weekend and return her brother’s car unscathed before Alex’s parents return?

Official Trailer: Teenage Girl First Wheels

The two projects were produced by David Chackler (John Carpenters Village of the Damned), Kurt Wipfli (Teenage Girl: Valerie’s Holiday), and Aaron Lee Lopez (Teenage Vampires), with Executive Producers Nadia Redler (Fender Bender), and Mark Pavia (Stephen King’s The Night Flier).

Teenage Girl: Skip Day’ is out on digital platforms February 21 and ‘Teenage Girl: First Wheels‘ on February 28, both via Random Media.

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