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TDKR Refuses To Go Light On The Competition!



With the Olympics set to KO and the dark clouds of the Aurora tragedy still lingering, many were intrigued to see if Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ could still bring in the audiences in and hold firm at the US box office. However, held firm it has!

Admittedly taking quite a sizeable albeit inevitable drop from its opening bow, Batman’s grand finale was still able to score $64 million to remain top of the heap. Taking its grand total so far to $289 million, it’s falling slightly short in comparison to its Joker heavy predecessor ‘The Dark Knight’ within the same timeframe ($313 million).

The two new releases this week failed to muster much offense to the comicbook juggernaut. First up was the quad of Hill/Stiller/Vaughn/Ayoade and their latest comedic assault ‘The Watch’. Taking a surprise battering from the critics, the film had to settle for bronze this week and $13 million. Last but not least, Step Up returned with its ‘Revolution’ failing to live up to such a billing and entering in fourth spot ($11.8 million).

Here’s the full rundown:

1. The Dark Knight Rises $64 million

2. Ice Age: Continental Drift $13.3 million

3. The Watch $13 million

4. Step Up Revolution $11.8 million

5. Ted $7.3 million

6. The Amazing Spiderman $6.8 million

7. Brave $4.2 million

8. Magic Mike $2.5 million

9. Savages $1.7 million

10. Moonrise Kingdom $1.3 million

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