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‘Talking To God’ Digital Release Nov 24



Random Media is releasing Maya Batash’s comedy film, ‘Talking To God’ starring Zebedee Row (Vinyl), Maya Batash (Out of the Fog), Sean Haberle (August Rush), Andrew Kaempfer (Happy!), and Leanne Agmnon (Staring at the Sun).The film, which was inspired by the comedic short story ‘A Tale of Faith’ written by the 18th century mystic and kabbalist, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, releases on all digital platforms November 24th.

Written and directed by Maya Batash, ‘Talking To God’ follows Rebecca, who after 12 nights of insomnia and feeling like her life is unraveling, travels to the Ukraine in a desperate attempt to find a magic cure. There she finally sleeps and discovers the meaning of life with the help of an outrageous cast of characters including a man who is truly happy despite having nothing. 

“About 8 years ago I went to the Ukraine, to a small town barely on the map, to experience a miracle. When I came back home, I felt different in a way that I couldn’t explain and the idea of making a film about the experience came to me,” said Maya Batash. “I wanted to make a funny and fantastical trip of a film about the experience I had and all I’d learned along the way. Though it’s a fictional story about a filmmaker with “troubles” who travels and dreams about a fixer and a king and a spiritual surgeon, it’s really a film about how to be happy.”  

Filmed in New York (Staten Island and Brooklyn) and Uman, Ukraine, ‘Talking To God’ has won multiple awards at film festivals: Best Director (Maya Batash) and Best Actor (Zebedee Row) at the Florida Comedy Film Festival, Best Comedy Feature, Best International Feature Film, and Best Actor (Sean Haberle) at MiraBan UK Film Festival, Best Feature Film at the Retro Avant-Garde Film Festival in New York, Best Actress (Maya Batash) at the Euro Film Festival Geneva, Best Feature Film at the Glorious Movie Awards, and Best Comedy Film at the French Independent Film Festival.

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