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Taken Sequel Survives Argo/Sinister Onslaught To Remain Top!



After scoring one of the highest opening weekends for October last week, Liam Neeson and company had to ready themselves for a fierce fight this week at the box office. Four new releases each packed with recongisable talent respectively, but somehow it has survived the onslaught.

It was never gonna reach the giddy heights of last week, but Taken 2 scored another $22.7 million to remain top of the pile taking its total domestically to $86.8 million. It’s closest challengers and completing the top three, came in the form of Ben Affleck’s latest directorial effort ‘Argo’ (2nd place with $20.1 million) and Scott Derrickson’s (The Exorcism Of Emily Rose) latest fright fest ‘Sinister’ (3rd with $18.2 million).

Unfortunately for the likes of Kevin James and Colin Farrell, their latest work failed to capture people’s imagination. James’ latest comedy Here Comes The Boom had to settle for 5th position and $12 million. Whilst ‘Seven Psychopaths’ truly underwhelmed, scraping into the top 10 with a $4.2 million taking (9th).

Here’s the full rundown:

1. Taken 2 $22.7 million

2. Argo $20.1 million

3. Sinister $18.2 million

4. Hotel Transylvania $17.3 million

5. Here Comes The Boom $12 million

6. Pitch Perfect $9.3 million

7. Frankenweenie $7 million

8. Looper $6.3 million

9. Seven Psychopaths $4.2 million

10. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower $2.1 million



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