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Taken 2 Wipes The Floor With The Competition!



The success of the first installment took many by surprise, none more so than revelatory action man Liam Neeson. Whilst audiences weren’t expecting, or necessarily craving a second helping, it hasn’t stopped audiences Stateside flocking to the cinema. The reviews were far from complimentary, but Taken 2 scored the top spot with $50 million. Compared to the original, the sequel’s opening account claimed almost double the takings (Taken with $24.7 million).

Its only worthy adversary this week was Tim Burton’s return to stop motion, Frankenweenie. The critics provided Burton with the best set of reviews any film of his has received in quite some time, but sadly it didn’t translate. The film had to settle for a below par fifth place spot, with $11.5 million.

Here’s the full rundown:

1. Taken 2 $50 million

2. Hotel Transylvania $26.3 million

3. Pitch Perfect $14.7 million

4. Looper $12.2 million

5. Frankenweenie $11.5 million

6. End Of Watch $4 million

7. Trouble With The Curve $3.8 million

8. House At The End Of The Street $3.6 million

9. The Master $1.8 million

10. Finding Nemo (3D) $1.5 million

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