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Super High Me



Released: 20th April 2007

Directed By: Michael Bliden

Starring: Doug Benson

Certificate: 15

As a big fan of stand up comedian Doug Benson I was very excited to finally get the opportunity to check out his documentary Super High Me,and it is fair to say that I was not left feeling disappointed.

Michael Blieden’s documentary follows seasoned pot smoker Doug Benson as he applies Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me(2004) template to explore the effects of excess marijuana use on the system. The documentary is set over a time period of sixty days; thirty days completely sober, and thirty days completely high (from the moment he wakes up in the morning until the moment he goes to sleep at night). Although on paper this concept might come across as a juvenile attempt to cash in on Spurlock’s much revered documentary, this could not be further from the truth.

Benson’s comedy is heavily influenced and informed by his stoner status, but his genuine love of the marijuana leaf makes this humour anything but a gimmick. Super High Me is a hilarious, intelligent and beautifully paced documentary that provides a unique glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere of the US comedy scene. Seeing the contrasting footage of Doug Benson performing sober and later performing high, is particularly revealing and enjoyable experience. Furthermore cameos are aplenty, with comedians, actors and musicians contributing their own honest views and reactions to the art of getting stoned.

Although masked behind Benson’s comedy (maintaining the inherently watchable and likeable tone of the film), Super High Me does not waste the opportunity to delve into the ferocious political debate surrounding the legal availability of medical marijuana in certain states of America (particularly California). Benson visits a variety of medical marijuana dispensaries, in addition to interviewing a number of doctors and politicians about the subject. All of which helps to create a well rounded and balanced feel to the overall direction of the documentary.

Super High Me is a highly enjoyable, informative documentary that is able to expose the viewer to an important and provocative political debate, all the while maintaining a level of comedy that will keep you laughing right up until the final credits.

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