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The Strangely Unusual Death in ‘Jurassic World’



The unusual twists and turns in the Jurassic World movie have raised almost all eyeballs of movie fanatics. The most thrilling part of the movie is the strange way that some characters die in the movie. Now in a science fiction movie, it is expected that hyperactive and hyperbolic plots will happen, but what strikes is the queer way in which the deaths take place in Jurassic World. There is also a slot game named after this Hollywood adventure flick Jurassic World which is one of the most popular mobile casino slots game. Taking a cue from the movie, it has been developed with quite interesting animations and sounds and is available to play at Monster Casino which is a popular UK’s online and mobile casino in the gambling circuit.

Jurassic World slot game is an adaptation of the main film

As evident, Jurassic World is all about dinosaurs and humans going on an expedition in their land. We have had numerous movies where humans have met dinosaurs and have been eaten by then, especially the T-Rex. Now, what’s strange here is that in the Jurassic world we even have herbivorous dinosaurs killing and eating humans! The death that looks unusual is that of Zara, one of the leading characters. It seems too horrific and cruel, maybe which she didn’t deserve. Incidentally, Zara is one of the higher value symbols in the Jurassic World mobile casino slots and helps you bag bonuses.

The death of Zara leaves a strange effect on the audience

Towards the end of the film, we have a group of pteranodon attack the food court of the Jurassic Park and start eating tourists. Now while Zara is protecting a toddler, one of the creatures grabs her, and she resists. In the process of the fight, she is flung into a huge tank full of mosasaurs. While she is screaming horribly, one pteranodon tries to pull her under the tank and water fills up her lungs. However, while all this is going on, mosasaurs crop up from underwater and tries to chew both Zara and the dinosaur. Within a minute, all these sequences play one after another, but the violence is perhaps too much to bear. The whole scene shot in closeup makes it gorier, and the audience is shocked.

Jurassic World is one of the adventurous, action and thrilling movie, but this sequence seems to be too horrible. It may be well executed, but somewhere it fails to provide that entertainment to the audience and becomes disturbing. It needs to be kept in mind that the death of characters need to be proportional or else it becomes a noise in the film and creates a disturbance to the flow of the sequence. As an audience, it seems that the objective of showing Zara’s death was to prove that mosasaurs exist in the movie. Again, dinosaurs constitute the lower value symbols in the mobile casino game.

After reading all these, Jurassic World creates a curious among viewers that make them watch the movie again and again. Furthermore, if you also want to try online slot game, you can visit Monster Casino ( It is one of the leading sites when it comes to mobile gambling and offers a wide range of games and great prizes.

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