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Spring Breakers ‘Follow-Up’ Confirmed!




Unashamed by its trashy excesses and polarising in the critical reaction, director Harmony Korine’s ‘Spring Breakers’ was nonetheless a provocative experience underpinned by James Franco’s memorable gold teeth rapper and tarnishing the cutest Disney image of its females (Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens).

With this news, we can only assume they weren’t kidding about Spring Break being ‘forever’. It has been confirmed that a sequel titled ‘The Second Coming’ is in the works, with its plot revolving around its leading ladies at odds with an ‘extreme militant Christian sect that attempts to convert them’.

For the sequel, there will be no involvement from Korine, leaving Swedish director Jonus Akerlund whose body of work mostly consists of music videos (The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up a notable mention) to fill the director’s chair with ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Filth’s Irvine Welsh penning the script.

At this point, it remains unclear whom of its original cast members will be reprising their roles, with production company Wild Bunch’s producer Vincent Maraval noting the film will feature a ‘mix of old and new cast members’.

Hardly a sequel many were clamouring for yet with Welsh’s involvement particularly, this sequel promises to be as controversial if more so than its predecessor.



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