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Sponsored: How To Bluff In Poker



Poker has been mainstay in popular films for many years.  ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ from 1965 is one of the earliest examples and it has been prevalent ever since – ‘Rounders’ in 1998 which starred Matt Damon, 2006’s ‘Casino Royale’ which saw iconic character James Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig, try his hand. Even as recent as last year Hollywood has been giving poker the tinseltown treatment with online poker-flick  ‘Runner, Runner’ starring Ben Affleck and directed and written by the avid poker fans orignally behind ‘Rounders’ – not to mention it was produced by Leonardo Di Caprio, a well known figure in Hollywoods Poker-players.

But how do any of these films help you to make money? We often see James Bond walk away with a substantial win or a trickster take down the house in an impossible and not to mention, illegal way! However that time is up and with Pokerstars help, you too can train to take the money home if you learn how to bluff in poker.

Poker truly is a game that can be played by anyone, anywhere and with so many variations to suit different players, imagine if you were able to have the upper hand in whichever type of game you play!

Well now you can learn all the essential tricks and tips to learn how to bluff in poker, simply check out the video below!

[youtube id=”tTwcjJpcAtw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Now with these skills you can feel confident in taking on any opponent and know that you can bluff your way to a bigger win – even if you do find yourself up against a handsome stranger across the table, sipping a Martini that is of course, shaken and not stirred.

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