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‘Spin State’ Sets June 7 Release Date



The drama sci-fi film ‘Spin State’, starring notable British cast, Jamie Robson, Seyan Sarvan, Aurora Fearnley, Will Harrison-Wallace, and Carsten Clemens is releasing on digital streaming platforms June 7, 2022, via Random Media.

Directed by Ross A. Wilson, ‘Spin State’ follows a troubled private detective Kline Dyson who is clinging onto a past he can’t remember at the price of a present he cannot bear. After years of suffering from blackouts that see him waking up in strange places with no memory of how he got there, he’s constructed a version of reality to help him cope that’s left him alienated and alone. Drawn into the case of a young woman concerned about her estranged husband’s behavior, Kline begins to see connections between the investigation and his blackouts that defy explanation. With the help of his client and her deep knowledge of physics, Kline uncovers a latent trauma inextricably woven into landscape, memory and time that causes him to re-examine his beliefs and asks if reality is anything more than whatever you want it to be.

Produced by Ross A Wilson and Donna Enticknap, ‘Spin State’ releases on June 7, 2022.

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