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Spidey Sequel Confirms New Harry Osborn!



Director Marc Webb has slowly but surely assembled his pieces for the sequel to the generally well received ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, as Andrew Garfield took the reins from Tobey Mcguire. The Descendant’s Shailene Woodley making her bow as Mary Jane Watson. Whilst Jamie Foxx is all but confirmed to be on ‘villain duty’ as Electro.

Continuing to reintroduce characters who were an integral part of Sam Raimi’s original trilogy, Webb has now installed a replacement for Harry Osborn originally played by James Franco. This time around, the role will be played by Dane Dehaan. Many will initally be wondering.. who?

This will not be the first time Dehaan has been immersed in a world where superhuman’s are the norm. He was the troubled showstealer of this year’s surprise hit Chronicle directed by Josh Trank, so the plot thread of playing best friend eventually being corrupted by their new found power should be a breeze for the young actor.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is set to debut in 2014!

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