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Something’s Gotta Give



sggDirected by: Nancy Meyers

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves

Certificate: PG

Director Nancy Meyers, one of the most well-loved screen writers of our time, can be accredited many of the most treasured romantic comedies of our generation, both writing and directing this piece has fully earned her place in the film world. Screenplays included on her resume include; Private Benjamin, Jumpin Jack Flash, Father of the Bride I & II and The Parent TrapThe Holiday and It’s Complicated. As well as screenplay writer for these above pieces, Meyers also has directorial credit for the aforementioned movies as well as What Women Want. Meyers knows what makes for an ever-lasting romantic comedy and that’s why we love her. Re-watching a Meyers’ film is never a chore and always a pleasure.

Utilising the immense talents of the legendary Jack Nicholson and the sublime Diane Keaton, she produces a piece that is timeless in the genre of romantic comedies.

The picture begins with Nicholson’s character, a sixty year old entrepreneur bachelor whisking a twenty-something auctioneer Marin, played by Tamara Peet, away for a romantic weekend at her mother’s Hamptons mansion.  An unannounced arrival startles Marin’s Mother (Keaton) and Aunt (Frances McDormand).

Throughout the film, the theme of the age-old tale of initially hating or disliking someone is actually very much masking the first emotions of love. An addition to the mix is the introduction of Keanu Reeves in the role of a young eligible bachelor that is very big fan of Keaton’s character’s work. As Erica is pursued by the young doctor, her heart is enamoured by the romantic relationship that is rapidly intensifying between her & Harry. Exquisite comedic writing, timing and deliverance cement the pictures realism and the vulnerability of people in love.

The film is set in two cities, New York and Paris where the film ends in a dream worthy grandeur. Stunning aesthetic locations provide scene stealing characters throughout the film, one minute strolling along white beaches of New York’s east coast then transported to the city of love.

The film is perfect for any romantic at heart and definitely has the power to turn sceptics to believers in the existence of true love and its non-existent boundaries. A modern day classic which will win you over in the first opening scenes!

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