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Snow White and the Huntsman



Released: 30th May 2012

Directed by: Rupert Sanders

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron

Certificate: 12A

Reviewed by: Ben Harris

Adrenaline was pumping for this gritty Snow White revamp after the immense trailer engulfed our screens late last year. Although it has fine moments and is thoroughly enjoyable, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ doesn’t live up to its first-class promotion.

Why? Because once you delve into the world of Snow White, there isn’t an authentic story to grasp onto, which can also be said for this years ‘Mirror Mirror’. Both bring style to the classic tale but they don’t challenge the obvious narrative. However, in retrospect the screenwriters and director Rupert Sanders respect the story and have fun with the darkened tone. And it’s thanks to this tough exterior the film thrives.

Apart from some awkward jumps between scenes Sanders delivers decent direction and beautiful imagery, especially the CGI packed enchanted forest, which is host to lavish colours and charming creatures. Placed in this awe-inspiring world are Kristen Stewart and Thor’s Chris Hemsworth.

Say what you will about Stewart but she delivers a good performance as the robust Snow White, portraying attitude and vulnerability satisfyingly, alongside a respectable English accent. Unfortunately Hemsworth struggles with his Scottish speaking but having said that he plays the rugged drunk Huntsman with heart just fine. Ravenna (Charlize Theron), on the other hand, is a nut case. This evil stepmother won’t hesitate in killing anyone and although Theron plays her well, her delivery sometimes comes across a little over theatrical. And of course the dwarves (Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost to name a few) bring the comical relief, yet they are not excessively stupid.

Also tagging along is William (Sam Claflin), a childhood friend of Snow’s but his involvement is just an excuse to create an unnecessary love story. This triangle between Snow, William and the Huntsman is way too underdeveloped to connect with it. Oh well, onto the action.

There is plenty of conflict to bask in and Snow White going into battle with an army in tow is a well handled set piece, and certainly a scenario you wouldn’t associate with such a timeless character, however the final confrontation of Snow and Ravenna is underwhelming. Where’s the bitch fight?

Disappointed? Slightly. But ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is still an engaging journey thanks to a fun cast, eye popping visuals and passable action.

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