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Smith Reteaming With Suicide Squad’s Ayer For Bright



With the recent trailer displaying glorious synchronicity of its frenzied action set to the iconic Queen track Bohemian Rhapsody, Will Smith (The Pursuit Of Happiness) along with the rest of the Suicide Squad have comicbook fans excited at the prospect of its Summer release.

Clearing growing fond of working with David Ayer, the I Am Legend star is now set to collaborate once again with the Fury director on cop thriller Bright. 

Ayer Squad

Initially confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, plot details are relatively scarce at this juncture yet Ayer is no stranger to such hard-hitting fare (crime drama End Of Watch starring Jake Gyllenhaal a worthy mention), with the script to be written by Chronicle and American Ultra’s Max Landis. 

Along with Smith’s involvement, the film will also boast the talents of Mr Joel Edgerton, who provided us with his directorial debut last year with The Gift and is up next in Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special.



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