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Sleeping Beauty retelling ‘Maleficent’ Update



As most of you will have heard from the grapevine, there is due to be a live action version of the Disney classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’ released sometime within the next 2 years.
The difference between the two versions will be that, the live action version, unlike the animated version will be retold from the point of view of villain Maleficent (Angelina Jolie)

Since 2010 there has been a few rumours about who is set to direct the film, some including  Tim Burton and David Yates, but as of January 6th this year, it has been confirmed that Robert Stromberg (Academy-Award winning production designer for Avatar and Alice In Wonderland) will be directing the film. 

The cast choices to begin with were just rumour at the time of early development with only Jolie’s role as Maleficent and Sharlto Copley (District 9) as the half human half fairy prince Stefan being set in stone.
Recently revealed, the other names on board the project  include Imelda Staunton and Lesley Manville (Another Year) who will be playing Knotgrass and Flittle, two of the fairies that look after Aurora. Kenneth Cranham (Hot Fuzz) will be playing the human king who plans to take over the fairy kingdom. Sam Riley (Control) will be taking the role of Diaval, Maleficent’s right hand man who can transform into a raven. Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter) will be playing a Fairy Queen and also Maleficent’s aunt who has a strong dislike for her niece.
And finally, Elle Fanning, the gem of recent blockbuster Super 8, has been confirmed to be playing the role of the sleeping beauty, Princess Aurora.

The date of release is set for March 14th 2014 and will be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

More news as we hear it!

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