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Singer To Play X Men’s Tune Once More!



It is a fair assumption to make.. that since director of The Usual Suspects Bryan Singer took a backseat from helming installments of Marvel’s X Men franchise, the results of respective follow-ups have been inconsistent.

Ratner’s The Last Stand was deemed distinctly average. Wolverine’s ‘origin’ story was a hack and slash affair in the editing department and whilst Matthew Vaughn’s ‘First Class’ fared considerably better, it didn’t take long for the Layer Cake man to bail on a sequel.

So hardcore fans.. rejoice. It has been confirmed that Bryan Singer will RETURN to take over the reins for ‘Days of Future Past’. Originally leaving the series after 2000’s X Men and 2003’s X2 to concentrate on his Superman ‘reboot’ with Brandon Routh back in 2006, he will pick up the story revolving around James Mcavoy’s Professor Xavier and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto in the early stages of their mutation. Also returning, will be the likes of Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence.

The film itself, is set to debut in July 2014!


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