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Short Film Review: The Force Within – ZGN Productions



May the 4th is fast approaching, which means an international day of celebration for all Wookie worshipers, Laya lovers and Force fanatics. It also means a myriad of Lucas fan films hit the internet and USA based production team ZGN Productions are no exception with their fan film The Force Within.

ZGN are currently riding a wave of short film festival success with their short A Talk in the Night which we reviewed here. Off the back of this success they have produced a simple yet effective Star Wars fan film, The Force Within.

The Force Within utilises the standard Star Wars format with the typical rolling text setting up the comedic, satire atmosphere of the film, reminiscent of the Family Guy Star Wars parody openings.

The Force Within then focuses on the age old argument of prequels versus originals (like there is any argument to be had). The two main characters solve their intergalactic differences with a good old fashioned light sabre fight. A fight to the death, which may seem harsh unless you have ever seen two Star Wars fans go at it at Comicon.

ZGn The Force Within 2

The Force Within utilises a simple narrative yet one that is familiar to most Star Wars fans, both in terms of the argument and the light sabre fight. Whilst some of the line delivery isn’t perfect, the choreography of the fight is impressive. Alongside some strong visual effects the fight is pretty seamless in terms of structure and editing.

The production of the film is excellent, especially considering the lower budget and independent nature of the production team. The quality of the picture and the strength of the editing and colouring is spot on. The sense of satirical comedy within the film works well, and the open ending, leaving room for a sequel (or prequel) reeks of Star Wars.

The Force Within is released online on May 4th, because when else would it be released. Keep an eye out if you are a Star Wars fan and a fan of fan fiction/fan films. This ones worth a watch purely for the outstanding production value. ZGN Productions keep going from strength to strength.

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